On-site demonstration

Performance confirmed
The aim is to provide you with a clear idea of the performance and efficiency of our pre-shredder, and offer you a unique opportunity to validate these performance figures using your particular type of waste.
This ensures everyone concerned has the relative information required to discuss the most effective shredder solution for each project.

We go anywhere in Europe
We can offer you a demonstration and undertake test runs throughout Europe. At these
tests we can demonstrate the performance of M&J PreShred units using different types of material and in different applications.

Arrange an on-site demonstration
To contact us directly, please contact us through the website or contact your local Metso Waste Recycling dealer. We will need basic information about the kind of material you need to process, your site, the means of loading and your requirements regarding capacity and grain size.
Apart from that, all you need to provide is some appropriate waste, a loader and a place where we can clean the shredder after the test.
Our personnel will evaluate every test and we provide a complete report, to give you the best possible basis for your future project.

Why not ask other users?
If neither approach suits you, we can recommend one or more users of M&J PreShred units whose operations resemble yours, so that you can either visit or contact them by phone.