A new FineShredder series bursting with confidence

Focus on stable operation and quality output

The M&J F-series offers leading cutting technology and a cleverly designed rotor. This means high-efficiency FineShredding of qualified materials, making it particularly suitable for the production of alternative fuels like RDF/SRF. The FineShredders deliver a homogeneous output in the desired size down to 10 mm. In addition, the machines leave a very small number of undesired fines.

Minimal maintenance, a unique cutting system and less heat generation (no downtime due to molten plastic) are just some of the many other benefits of the new M&J F-Series. The ambition is simply to give the customer the highest uptime on the market.


Maintenance is kept to a minimum

The FineShredders are extremely flexible. You just decide the output size and the pusher adjust to meet your needs. The series is also designed for quick and easy servicing and maintenance through easy access to spare and wear parts. In addition, the highly efficient knife system requires virtually no maintenance or adjustment

“The engineers have really outdone themselves with the M&J F-series, so as to make life as easy as possible for the customer. In addition to the well-known Metso Outotec Waste Recycling build quality, you can enjoy a FineShredder that keeps energy and operating costs to a minimum. We have matched and exceeded our customers current and future needs.”  Morten Kiil Rasmussen, Commercial Director, Metso Outotec Waste Recycling

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M&J F-series - Sharper and stronger than ever


100% raw power to get the job done

Looking for the most superior fine-shredder on the market? The M&J F-series can meet all your needs for RDF/SRF production across all capacity requirements.

  • Leading cutting technology and cleverly designed rotor ensure highly efficient shredding of any fraction
  • With just a few button pushes, the intelligent pusher system can be programmed for various types of qualified material to optimize your production capacity
  • Easy maintenance and quick servicing ensure that downtime is kept to an absolute minimum



A clear winner – in the long run too

Low energy consumption, minimal servicing, and easy maintenance. The M&J F-series means reliable production year after year at minimum operating cost.

  • Minimal need for maintenance and adjustment of Metso Outotec Waste Recycling knife system
  • Ingenious design with a single goal in mind – to make routine maintenance simple and quick
  • Easy access to spare parts ensures that the machine can be serviced quicker than ever
  • Low installed power and no need for daily adjustment ensures you low operating expenses


Leaves everything the size of small coins

The M&J F-series delivers output quality in a class of its own down to 10 mm. Thanks to the leading cutting technology it is ideal for alternative fuel production such as RDF and SRF.

  • Homogeneous output in the desired size ensures a consistent high-quality end product
  • Advanced cutting technology leaves no, or a very limited amount of, fine particles
  • Minimal heat generation and thus less risk of plastic melting and causing downtime



Easy service thanks to intelligent design

Downtime costs money and frustrations. All wearing parts on the M&J F-series are easily accessible, so the technicians can get production back up and running in no time.

  • High reliability and fast and easy service limits downtime to an absolute minimum
  • Fast delivery and replacement of standard spare parts - often from day to day
  • Specially trained local service technicians are ready to help whenever you need them


Created to perform year after year after year…