Jul 17, 2019

From waste to fuel: Success in PEF production

In Australia, coal has traditionally been the main fuel used to generate energy. Nowadays the Australian Government is focused on growing renewable energies and reducing carbon emissions. These ambitions prompted ResourceCo and Cleanaway Waste Management to team up to open the country’s largest resource recovery facility incorporating Processed Engineered Fuel (PEF), in Sydney. PEF is used as a substitute for fossil fuels in both domestic and offshore cement production markets.

Reducing 100,000 tonnes of coal consumption per year 

The new plant can convert up to 250,000 tonnes per year of dry mixed commercial, industrial, construction and demolition waste into PEF (RDF) and reusable commodities. In total, it is estimated that the plant’s production can replace over 100,000 tonnes of coal consumption per year, the equivalent of taking 20,000 cars off the road in terms of greenhouse gas emissions reduction. Amongst other customers, the facility will supply PEF to Boral Australia, Australia’s largest cement supplier, for its cement kiln as a replacement for coal.*  

ResourceCo’s biggest project 

Building the new plant was a large and demanding project, the first of this size for ResourceCo. They worked with an experienced consultant on the design of the processing line for their new plant. After finalizing the processing line design it was time to select a suitable pre-shredder to efficiently turn the waste into usable products. The consultant reviewed the waste-to-fuel process and identified Metso as having the best suitable technology in the market. This assessment led ResourceCo to contact Metso in 2015, marking the beginning of the cooperation. Following careful planning in close cooperation with Metso’s sales and technical experts, the M&J PreShred 6000S was chosen as the best solution for the plant’s needs.

“We invest only in proven technologies to achieve our goal of playing a key role in Australia’s ambition to reduce waste to landfill and carbon emissions,” says Ben Sawley, CEO of ResourceCo.

With an impressive output (up to 50 tonnes per hour), it is one of the largest pre-shredders on the market and widely recognized for its robust design and high reliability. “We invest only in proven technologies to achieve our goal of playing a key role in Australia’s ambition to reduce waste to landfill and carbon emissions,” says Ben Sawley, CEO of ResourceCo.** Metso completed the installation and provided training in operating and maintaining the machine.  

M&J PreShred 6000S can eat all kinds of materials

A perfect solution for pre-shredding 

The M&J PreShred 6000S can eat all kinds of materials – including Commercial and Industrial (C&I) waste and Construction and Demolition (C&D) waste. Thanks to its robust design, it will be a reliable long-time investment for ResourceCo. In addition, it is very simple to operate. The service support from Metso was also an important factor in choosing the equipment. This all helps the plant to meet their ambitious goals and contributes to Australia’s move away from waste to landfill. ResourceCo has installed two M&J 6000 shredders at their facilities – one in Sydney and one in Adelaide.  

* Originally published in January 2019 by ResourceCo.

 ** Originally published in July 2018 by ResourceCo.

The company 

ResourceCo was founded in 1993 and is one of Australia’s largest resource recovery businesses, accepting and processing over two million tonnes of waste per year. Cleanaway Waste Management is Australia’s leading total waste management, industrial and environmental services company. In addition to Australia, they also export PEF to Southeast Asia.  

Read more: https://resourceco.com.au/

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