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Metso Lindemann™ ZB - A turnings crusher in a class of its own

For more than 40 years the German Company Metalloy that recycles superalloy turnings on nickel, cobalt and titanium base, counts on the Quality of Metso Outotec Metal Recycling. Now they bought a new Turnings Crusher – the Lindemann ZB model. It turns swarf into material that is easy to shovel, meaning it’s easy to bunker, load, and process. The ZB is outstandingly suitable for processing long, curly, bushy and voluminous swarf from steel, aluminum, brass and other metals.

Lindemann™ EtaCut ™ II 1648 – sharper than the market allows

We proudly present: Lindemann™ EtaCut ™ II 1648 – the Queen of scrap shears. Sharper than the market allows. 1600 t shearing force, 480 t stamper force and six 110 kW drives. Benefit from an innovative 400 bar technology which guarantees significantly low flow losses. And participate all features of the Lindemann™ Premium product line for maximum durability, performance, efficiency, and maintainability.