Metal crushers

Metal crushers

For efficient processing of metal turnings and anodes

Metal crushers are designed to reduce metal scrap to smaller uniform grain size. They are often used in scrap yards, automobile industry, steel mills, aluminum plants or in any application where efficient crushing of metal is required. Metso's metal crushers offering consists of three families: Lindemann™ ZB and Lindemann™ ZM metal crushers as well as Lindemann™ Anode crushers.
Lindemann™ ZB metal crushers.
Lindemann™ ZB turnings crushers

Wear-resistant Lindemann™ ZB turnings crushers process swarfs and turnings made of mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum and other metals, offer optimal throughout capacity and are built to last.

Capacities: up to 24 t/h (26 US tons/h)

Grid openings: 30x60, 45x85 mm (1.2x2.4, 1,8x3.3 in)

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Lindemann™ ZM metal crushers
Lindemann™ ZM metal crushers

Lindemann™ ZM metal crushers are efficient and low-maintenance equipment for electronic scrap, aluminum scrap, light mixed scrap, can scrap, up to white goods and sheared car bodies (slabs)​.

Capacities: up to 16 t/h (18 US tons/h)

Grid openings: 70x115, 70x145, 80x140 mm (2.8x4.5, 2.8x5.7, 3.1x5.5 in)

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Lindemann™ Anode crushers.
Lindemann™ Anode crushers

Lindemann™ Anode crushers are often used in aluminium plants and steel mills to process anode butts from aluminum electrolysis, or whole baked or green waste anodes for reuse in anode coal mills. 

In the crusher the anode butts or waste anodes are crushed between a fixed and an oil-hydraulically operated crusher platen. Both platens are equipped with special tools made of highly wear resistant material.

The bottom of the crushing zone is built as a grid so that the crushed material can fall out in a continuous stream.

Capacities: up to 35 t/h (39 US tons/h) or 36 anodes per hour

Maximum size of whole anodes to process: 1600 x 1000 x 800 mm (63 x 39.4 x 31.5 in)

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Parts and services for metal crushers

Metso offers a wide range of spare and wear parts for Lindemann™ metal crushers.

  • Lindemann™ anode crusher parts
  • Lindemann™ ZB metal crusher parts
  • Lindemann™ ZM metal crusher parts

Field services

Over the years, wear and ageing causes risks resulting in possible machine failures. With Metso’s inspections and maintenance planning services you can avoid unpleasant surprises and keep the machines in top shape. In addition to inspections, we also offer repair, refurbishment, and troubleshooting services.

Performance services

Metso is your partner in enhancing equipment performance through the best practices. The performance services offering covers for example equipment upgrades to improve availability, performance, and operations.

Project and engineering services

We assist with professional support right from the beginning of the plant life-cycle, during improvement investments, and in modernization or relocation projects.

Training services

A knowledgeable and well-trained workforce is vital to ensure optimum equipment operational skills. Training brings enhanced employee motivation and higher productivity through better utilization of all Metso metal recycling equipment features. This supports proper installation, start-up, operation, and maintenance of equipment, as well as improved knowledge of product-related safety and environmental issues.

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