Lindemann™ ZB metal crushers.

Lindemann™ ZB metal crushers

A swarf crusher in a class of its own

Durable Lindemann™ ZB metal crushers offer optimal throughput capacity and are built to last. Often utilized in scrap yards, automobile industry, or in any other metal recycling applications where efficient processing of metal turnings is required.


Broken turnings have higher density, they allow greater options for charging and reduce melting loss.

Handling and transportation

Recycle turnings into a product that is easy to shovel, bunker and load, making it much cheaper to transport.

Versatility and uptime

Vary the end product size when requited. Reduced wear. Large feed openings for trouble-free material supply.

Global coverage, local presence

Engineers, service personnel and other experts around the world.

Good preparatory work with Lindemann™ ZB metal crushers pays off

Lindemann™ ZB metal crushers use highly wear-resistant, freely suspended crushing tools instead of rigid blades that become blunt over time. 


Recycled and preprocessed metal is often a cost-efficient alternative to expensive primary raw materials. Thanks to higher density, greater options for charging and reduced melting loss, broken turnings produced by Lindemann™ ZB metal crushers are often welcome feedstock especially for melting processes.

Handling and transportation

Lindemann™ ZB crushers make it possible to economically recycle your turnings into a product that is easy to shovel, bunker and load, making it much cheaper to transport.


Due to the high rotor speed, the turnings are crushed and discharged through the grid openings at the bottom of the unit. Changing the grid openings allows production of specific chip sizes, which is essential if the turnings are to be made into briquettes.

The large centrifugal mass of the disc rotor ensures that the required high torque performance is generated. A dosage comb prevents high current peaks and straightens tangled turnings.

Improve uptime

Coarse parts that are not discharged via the grid openings are thrown out by the coarse part ejector, which can optionally be opened by advanced sensor technology. This helps to reduce wear and prevent damage to a great extent.

Large feed openings, optionally positioned on the side or top, ensure trouble-free material supply.



Lindemann™ ZM crushers technical specifications

Parts and services for metal crushers

Metso offers a wide range of spare and wear parts for Lindemann™ metal crushers.

  • Lindemann™ anode crusher parts
  • Lindemann™ ZB metal crusher parts
  • Lindemann™ ZM metal crusher parts

Field services

Over the years, wear and ageing causes internal leakages resulting in possible machine failures. With Metso’s inspections and maintenance planning services you can avoid unpleasant surprises and keep the machines in top shape. In addition to inspections, we also offer repair, refurbishment, and troubleshooting services.

Performance services

Metso is your partner in enhancing equipment performance through the best practices. The performance services offering covers for example equipment upgrades and remote controlling, as well as useful tools such as autopilot, dust suppression, and condition analysis and reporting systems.

Project and engineering services

We assist with professional support right from the beginning of the plant life-cycle, during improvement investments, and in modernization or relocation projects.

Training services

A knowledgeable and well-trained workforce is vital to ensure optimum equipment operational skills. Training brings enhanced employee motivation and higher productivity through better utilization of all Metso metal recycling equipment features. This supports proper installation, start-up, operation, and maintenance of equipment, as well as improved knowledge of product-related safety and environmental issues.

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