Lindemann™ EtaCut II shears.

Lindemann™ EtaCut II metal shears

Enhanced operational reliability and reduced maintenance costs

Lindemann™ EtaCut™ II metal shears are efficient metal recycling machines. Designed to be easy to transport and install, they are most often utilized in scrap yards, steel works and foundries.

Reliable design

Increased number of gussets: bent, vertical and horizontal. Increased blade line (500 mm) for easy integration of scrap discharge systems. Reduced transport dimensions, easier to split into smaller sub-assemblies.

Reduced energy consumption

15% less energy consumption in comparison to the older generation shears.

Easy to use

Simple operation and maintenance.

Easy to maintain

Simple multifunctional maintenance platform.

Lindemann™ EtaCut™ II features

The name Metso EtaCut II incorporates the Greek letter Ƞ (eta), the technical symbol for efficiency.  This illustrates the extremely high effectiveness and low lifecycle costs of the Eta product lines.  They are reflected in increased processing flexibility, low specific power consumption, enhanced operational reliability and reduced maintenance costs due to the service friendly design.

They feature simplified installation and are designed for easier transportation. This includes not only the frame and the box, but also hydraulic pipes, control block, hydraulic unit, and supporting structure. At the same time it reduces assembly times at the site as well as improves maintenance conditions.  The EtaCut™ II shears utilize 400 bar Hydraulics.


EtaCut II also provides optionally a more ergonomic work place that allows ideal working conditions and high productivity.

The new ergonomic control cabin features adjustable positions of the screen as well as the control chair, integrated air-conditioning and angled glass for minimized reflections to meet the operator’s needs.

Lindemann™ EtaCut™ II ergonomy.
EtaCut II Shear

The EtaCut II is the leader in

  • operation through multi-information terminal
  • avoidance of downtimes by pump and cylinder tests for early damage detection
  • energy consumption -15% less than older generation shears
  • speed optimization through clever hydraulic solutions
  • throughput per cost by maximizing shear force and installed drive power
  • compaction through overstroke functions and optimized force progresion on the press cover
  • maintenance by means of clamping devices on the upper and lower blade and multifunctional maintenance platforms
  • cutting technique thanks to the breaker bar and supporting table
  • process optimization thanks to loading of the press bed with simultaneous cutting, optimized cutting programs and fully automatic functions
How does it work?

1. Material is fed into the press bed (1) using a grab or crane.

2. The material is compacted by the lid (3) and side press (2).

3. The pusher (4) compacts the material in the 3rd dimension and moves it forward.

4. The compacted material arrives to the shear throat where a stamper holds it down for subsequent shearing by guillotine (5).

Lindemann™ EtaCut™ II shears technical specifications

Lindemann™ EtaCut™ II shears technical specifications


EtaCut II Hydraulic System

EtaCut II Electrical System

EtaCut II shear frame and blade slide

EtaCut II Press Box

EtaCut II Auxiliary / Options

Hydraulic System
Electrical System
Shear frame and blade slide
Press Box
Auxiliary / Options

Parts and services for metal shears

Metso offers a wide range of spare and wear parts for Lindemann™ and N-Series metal shears.

  • Lindemann™ EtaCut II shear parts
  • Lindemann™ PowerCut™ shear parts
  • Lindemann™ PowerCut™ Wing shear parts
  • N-Series NBS box shear parts
  • N-Series NCS clamshell shear parts
  • N-Series NIS inclined shear parts
  • N-Series NMS modular shear parts

Field services

Over the years, wear and ageing causes internal leakages resulting in possible machine failures. With Metso’s inspections and maintenance planning services you can avoid unpleasant surprises and keep the machines in top shape. In addition to inspections, we also offer repair, refurbishment, and troubleshooting services.

Performance services

Metso is your partner in enhancing equipment performance through the best practices.

The performance services offering covers for example equipment upgrades and remote controlling, as well as useful tools such as autopilot, dust suppression, and condition analysis and reporting systems.

Project and engineering services

We assist with professional support right from the beginning of the plant life-cycle, during improvement investments, and in modernization or relocation projects.

Training services

A knowledgeable and well-trained workforce is vital to ensure optimum equipment operational skills. Training brings enhanced employee motivation and higher productivity through better utilization of all Metso metal recycling equipment features. This supports proper installation, start-up, operation, and maintenance of equipment, as well as improved knowledge of product-related safety and environmental issues.

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