VFD – Variable Frequency Drive

VFD – Variable Frequency Drive

New Medium Voltage Concept

Shredder drive consisting of a robust and high-quality Medium Voltage Squirrel-cage Induction Motor fed by a high-performance Medium Voltage VFD.

Advantages in comparison to conventional drive systems and low voltage drive concepts

Your Advantages in comparison to conventional drive systems:

  • fast and accurate motor control over a wide speed range. Active deceleration and regenerative braking are possible options.
  • energy efficient system with lower electrical energy losses (energy wasted as heat in conventional drive systems).
  • no gearbox and no hydrodynamic coupling needed, effectively reducing the number of components that need periodic maintenance or can fail and lead to a production stop.
  • intelligent material feeding through the cooperation of the Shredder Drive Assistant (SDA) and the VFD, resulting in optimal motor utilization, damping of load peaks and levelling of production, energy saving, increased productivity and potentially reduced wear of mechanical components.


Your advantages in comparison to a low Voltage drive concept:

Excellent performance regarding network disturbances (voltage sags, flicker, harmonic emissions etc) caused by load peaks. The plant can be operated on its full capacity even while connected to a relatively weak electrical network, potential penalty costs for excess energy drain and network disturbances are greatly reduced.

  • High VFD reliability, robustness, and efficiency.
  • High input power factor with very low input harmonic distortion.
  • High starting torque without inrush currents and starting current peaks.
  • Lower motor and drive electrical energy losses during operation.
  • Low VFD maintenance needs.
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